At the beginning of 2022, our library received a Library Technology grant from NH Charitable Foundation that purchased some new computers and equipment, and also allowed us to try out two new online resources: America’s News and Mango Languages.

Looking ahead to 2023, right now we are including America’s News in our budget, but will have to discontinue offering Mango Languages. Our year-to-date statistics show over 520 articles were read in America’s News, and 68 lessons were taken in Mango Languages.

If you’re hoping to use library resources for language learning, Mango will be available until the end of the year. Also, right now and into the coming year, you can find language learning audiobooks and books available in NH Downloadable Books. All you need is a resident library card to access them, and a computer or the Libby app on your mobile device to use them.

Online resources update: America’s News and Mango
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