Library zentangle by Peggy Johnson

One of the questions that was asked several times in our recent survey was how folks can help out the library. There are many ways to help, and we’re always happy to talk with you about the way that would work best for you. 

If you’re interested in supporting the library with a financial donation, donations to Cook Memorial Library are gratefully accepted and are managed by the Library Trustees. We have been honored to receive donations in memory of loved ones, which often are earmarked for a special project or book fund. If you would like your donation to be received by a 501c3 organization, the Friends of Cook Memorial Library are a not-for-profit organization of volunteers who raise money to support library programs and services. The Friends do this through an annual membership appeal, through fundraisers like book and plant sales, and by accepting donations. All the funds raised by the Friends go to support our library. 

If you’re interested in supporting the library by volunteering your time, there are a variety of projects that both library staff and the Friends need help with. Just ask, and we’ll try to find a project that fits your interest and time frame. 

And, finally, one of the most direct and significant ways you can support our library is to serve on the Library Board of Trustees or on the Friends of Cook Memorial Library executive board. A variety of voices, ideas, and experiences on these volunteer boards are essential to maintaining and strengthening our library’s service to our whole community.

How to help the library
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