Cook Memorial Library User Agreement (eReaders) (Adopted 3/10/14)
User Agreement for Borrowing the NOOK or Kindle E-Reader

PDF of this form

Borrower must be 18 years old with a library card that is current and in good standing. Borrower must sign this agreement and confirm his/her contact information at the time of checkout.
Please circle: NOOK Kindle
I, ________________________________________________, take full responsibility for the eReader I am checking out.
The total replacement cost of the eReader is $175.00:
$120 for the device itself,
$40 for its protective case
$15.00 for its USB cable and AC plug.
I will be charged a total of $175.00 if the item is lost, stolen, or broken while in my care. I will pay the replacement fee of $175.00 if I fail to return the item, or the price of any part I fail to return, or if returned in unusable condition (to be determined by the library director).
I agree that the device is in working order at the time I am checking it out. User Initials ____________
If the device is more than 25 days overdue and I do not return it, I understand that I will be held responsible for the $175.00 cost to replace the device if I don’t return the device within 3 days of being notified.
I understand that the eReader must be returned inside the library directly to a library staff member. The device may not be returned in the outdoor or indoor drop boxes.

Using the eReader:
• Do NOT register the NOOK eReader at Barnes & Noble or the Kindle at Amazon with a personal credit card to purchase items. If the library’s registration is disturbed by a user, the user may be responsible for the $175 replacement cost.
• Do NOT connect the eReader to your personal computer with a personal Adobe Digital Editions account.
• Do not let anyone else borrow the eReader or allow children to play with the device.
• Be cautious with the eReader and keep it safe from water or being dropped.
• Return all parts of the device, including the power cable and protective case. Any missing items may result in charges.

Pre-loaded E-books: The Cook Memorial Library’s eReader is available mainly as a demonstration unit for library users to try out the device. We have preloaded a variety of titles so that you can see what reading a book on an eReader is like.
I understand and agree to these rules for use:
User Signature: _________________________________ __
Checkout Date: ______________
Due Date: __________

Staff Use:
Staff Member Name: ___________________________________________________________
eReader is functional/No damage eReader settings are correct
eReader is charged Protective cover is installed
Charging Cord & USB are included Gave user copy of this completed agreement
Confirmed user contact information Refused user copy of this agreement
Check in:
Staff Member Name: ____________________________________________ Return Date: ___________
Reader is functional/No damage Reader settings are correct
Reader is charged Protective cover is installed
Charging Cord & USB are in bag $_____ late fine recorded or paid(circle)