A. Job Descriptions
1. Library Director (Revised 7/14/14)
Job Requirements: A bachelor’s degree is required. A master’s degree in library science is preferred. If the above educational requirement has not been met, consideration of other qualifications will be given to candidates with extensive experience in library management. All candidates must be able to manage information systems, and possess a strong knowledge of emerging technology.

Job Summary: The Library Director is the executive administrative officer of the library, employed and supervised by the Board of Trustees. The Director is responsible for the supervision of the staff, care and maintenance of library property, and development of resources in keeping with the mission statement of Cook Memorial Library and policies set by the Board of Trustees. Responsibilities include the daily operations of the library to ensure high quality, cost effective, and customer-oriented services within budgetary limits, and the analysis of its operations and functions. The Director administers, interprets and recommends policies, participates in long-range planning, anticipates needs, prevents problems and focuses on the needs of the patrons. The Director acts as the chief spokesperson for the library.

General areas of responsibility include the following: (A specific list of tasks associated with the position is available from the Board of Trustees):
• Meet with the board of trustees on a monthly basis, and serve on trustee committees.
• Recommend policy additions or changes to the board.
• Keep the collection current, relevant, and accessible.
• Select & order library materials, supplies, equipment and furniture.
• Supervise the cataloging of library materials in Koha.
• Oversee library programming.
• Maintain circulation and usage statistics and prepare required reports.
• Maintain and preserve financial records, and assist with yearly budget preparation.
• Keep current with information technology, and train staff accordingly.
• Establish and oversee procedures for effective public relations and publicity to promote the library, e.g. the library website, social media, newsletters, Tamworth Exchange, Sandwich Board, and local newspapers.
• Update the library website as a digital portal to library services.
• Identify and participate in continuing education opportunities, including attendance at regional library conferences.
• Maintain established state library standards.

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