D. By-laws of the board of trustees (Amended 1/14/2013)
4. Duties of officers
A. The chairperson creates the agenda for and runs the monthly board
meetings; acts as liaison with the selectmen and with the library
director; oversees committees and their work; acts as library
spokesperson for the community and the press (or assigns that
responsibility to another board member); signs checks in the absence
of the treasurer; approves the list of check signers on the library
account; with the treasurer, reviews and signs off on the contents of
the library’s annual report to the NH State Library; signs contracts, with the library director, that are approved at board of trustee meetings. A copy of contracts is provided to the Town Offices.
B. The vice chair is authorized to perform all the chair’s functions in
his/her absence.
C. The treasurer oversees all financial matters at the library including: signing all checks; distributing written monthly financial reports to the board; providing all financial information requested by the town auditors; furnishing annual financial reports to the town; working with the library director and the board of trustees to develop an annual budget; keeping records regarding staff
pay rates and raises.
D. The assistant treasurer is authorized to perform all the treasurer’s
functions in his/her absence
E. The recording secretary attends the monthly board meetings and
records the minutes. Drafts of the minutes must be posted in two public
places within five days of the meeting. The secretary will make copies
available for the following month’s board meeting for approval by the
board. The recording secretary must be a duly elected or appointed
F. The corresponding secretary handles correspondence that pertains
to the library, as requested by the board. This may include
acknowledgements for monetary contributions, bequests, and gifts-in-kind.

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