Section 1: Governance
D. By-laws of the board of trustees (Amended 1/14/13)
1. Membership

A. The name of this library is THE COOK MEMORIAL LIBRARY. It is governed by a board of trustees according to the laws of public libraries of New Hampshire.

B. The board consists of seven members: two to be elected one year, two elected the next year and three the following year. Each is selected for a three-year term. It is recommended that members serve no more than three consecutive three-year terms. Each new and each reelected member takes the oath of office before the town clerk prior to the annual meeting of the board.

C. Each new trustee receives a copy of the Cook Memorial Library’s mission statement, objectives, by-laws, policies and procedures, and is referred to the online New Hampshire Trustees Association guidebook.

D. Trustees serve without compensation. The board of trustees encourages and makes provisions in the budget for its members to attend regional and statewide workshops and meetings on trustee training and issues and to affiliate with the appropriate professional organizations.

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