C-2 Meeting Room Use Policy (Revised 3/12/12)

Cook Memorial Library provides meeting rooms to individuals and groups as part of its
mission of service. Article VI of the American Library Association Bill of Rights
states that such facilities should be made available “on an equitable basis
regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting them.”
Use of a meeting room does not imply that the library staff or board of trustees
endorses or advocates the viewpoints of meeting room users.
All meetings held at the library must be free and open to all.
The library has three meeting rooms available for public use. All are accessible
to people with disabilities. The Front Room on the upper level seats up to 25 people. One room on the lower level seats 55 people, and tables can be set up for workshops. The other room on the lower level seats 10 people around a large table. See below for available appliances and audio visual equipment. Room descriptions are at the end of this

Types of Meetings or Events
• Library sponsored programs and meetings. These have priority over outside
requests for space.
• Educational and cultural programs and meetings of Tamworth non-profit
• Events and meetings of a commercial or private nature to be determined depending on the circumstances.

Space is reserved through a library staff member on a first-come, first-served basis.
Two week’s notice is suggested. An adult must request the space and be present
during the meeting when the group consists of minors (one adult per 15 minors).
Applicants must complete a reservation form available at the main circulation
desk. The form may also be downloaded from the Cook Memorial Library website.
Cancellations should be received by the library staff no less than 48 hours in
advance. Failure to notify the library of a cancellation twice may result in the loss
of meeting room privileges.
The library retains the right to cancel a group’s reservation with little notice due to
the library closing for adverse weather conditions. For other cancellations, every
effort will be made by library staff to give as much notice as possible.

Space can be requested for use at any time. If the library is closed, the group
using the space must have a responsible person who will come in to learn the security and
clean-up procedures in advance of the meeting, during open hours.
Fees are charged only to private and commercial groups. Consult the
Conditions section regarding use of library space by private and commercial
groups. The library trustees have decided to implement this pilot program of
renting space to private and commercial groups. It is hoped that the fees paid by
these groups will help to offset the costs associated with use of the library by
non-profit groups. Fees are paid when the room reservation form is given to the
library staff.
• Fee for Front Room for Private and Commercial Groups is $10 per hour with
a three-hour minimum.
• Fee for Lower Level Room for Private and Commercial Groups is $20 per
hour with a three-hour minimum.
• See the Available Equipment section for fees regarding their use.

Any failure to observe the following conditions will result in the suspension of
meeting room privileges. These conditions apply to both non-profit and
commercial or private meeting groups.

• All meetings must be open to the public. Non-members and library staff may enter your meeting; such persons may be informed of the nature of the meeting and may not be excluded if they wish to remain.
• No worship services may be conducted on library property.
• No admission fee may be charged for any meeting.
• Organizations may collect dues at a meeting, but cannot make payment of dues a requirement for attendance at a meeting. A free-will donation box may be placed by the door.
• No petitions may be circulated outside the meeting room, or left in the library. Library patrons may not be approached with petitions.
• Library staff is not available to assist in rearranging seating, carrying supplies, running AV equipment during meetings, serving food or cleaning up afterward. A group member must receive training in advance of the meeting.
• Organizations meeting in the library may not use the library as a mailing address. The library will not provide storage for the property of any group without special arrangement.
• The library telephone number may not be used on publicity for the event, nor can library sponsorship be implied in publicity for the meeting. The posting of any directional signs can be done only with the permission of the library staff. The posting of any items on wall space can be done only with the permission of the library staff. No tacks, nails, or tape may be used on walls.
• Meetings which interfere with library work and activities due to noise and other factors will not be permitted. Children under age 8 must be supervised at all times.
• Alcohol and smoking are not permitted. Light snacks and beverages are permitted. No pets are allowed except for service animals. The telephone is available only for emergencies.
• The lot behind the town offices should be used for meeting parking.
• Failure to turn down the heat may result in a fuel charge to the group. The library is not open on a daily basis and it is possible heat could be left on for more than two days in an empty building.

The library trustees reserve the right to modify any element of the meeting
room use policy at any time.

Group Responsibilities
The group must select one person to be responsible for seeing that the group
abides by library policies and procedures. This person must sign the reservation
form and will be the liaison between the group and the library. This person will be
responsible for seeing that the group follows all security and cleanup procedures. At the conclusion of the meeting, the liaison will complete the meeting room use evaluation form and leave it on the meeting room table.
This person will report any difficulties with library property and appliances to the
library director. For the purpose of library reports on the use of the building, this
person will report the number of people attending the meeting to the library
staff. Every group must abide by the conditions listed in the previous section. Two
infractions may result in loss of meeting room privileges.

Groups using meeting rooms are responsible for reimbursing the library for any
damage that may occur to library property or equipment. The library is not
responsible for lost or stolen articles, damage to personal property, or bodily
injury while on library premises.

Appendix 1: Room Descriptions
Upstairs Front Room – Maximum occupancy 25
Built in 1895 as part of the original library, the front room is Victorian in design,
with charming architectural finishes. It contains fifteen chairs with
upholstered seats around several tables, and one office chair at a computer
station. Room-darkening shades are on the windows. An ADA-compliant
bathroom with baby-changing stand is adjacent.
A thermostat in the room will provide heat or air conditioning as needed.
Lower Level Meeting Room – Maximum occupancy 55
This larger 19’X37” meeting room will seat fifty-five upholstered folding chairs in an audience
configuration. Six sturdy 30”X6’ folding tables are available for a workshop
configuration. Newly renovated, this room has climate-control, excellent lighting,
a tile floor, two adjacent bathrooms (one is ADA-compliant)and a kitchenette with small refrigerator and microwave,
There are also four light-weight, folding card tables.
Lower Level Ulitz Room – Maximum occupancy 12
A large table seating 10 comfortably.
Appendix 2: Available Equipment
Two 12-cup coffee pots
One electric tea pot for boiling water
One microwave for the downstairs meeting room
Three thermoses designated for coffee, hot water, hot cider
The library does not provide consumables such as paper products.
Audiocassette/CD player
LCD projector, ceiling-mounted pull-down screen & library laptop
Computers are available when library is open.

Note: Library equipment is not available for use off library premises.

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