Section II D. Conditions of Employment (Revised 5/13/13)

1. It is the responsibility of the board to employ a competent and qualified library director. The library director is to be appointed by the board and evaluated annually.

2. The library director will hire personnel needed for the operation of the library, in consultation with the personnel committee.

3. All new employees will serve a probationary period of three months; during that period employment may be terminated at will by either party. After the probationary period, the employee may only be discharged according to the provisions of RSA 202-A:17.

4. Each member of the library staff will have an annual job review. The personnel committee, with the participation of all trustees, will complete the library director’s review by the October board meeting of each year. The library director will complete a self-appraisal, which will include a goals statement for the next year, prior to the September evaluation meeting. The library director will complete job reviews of the staff, including staff evaluations and goals statements, and present them to the personnel committee at an evaluation meeting to be held between September 20 and 30.

5. If an employee is scheduled to work on a day that the library closes due to inclement weather, the employee will be alloed to make up the hours within a two week period of time following the day missed due to inclement weather closure.
Patron information shall not be communicated to others by casual conversation or careless treatment of records.
RSA 201-D:11 requires that the library’s circulation records and other records identifying the names of the library users with specific materials are confidential, including records shared by the NNH Library Cooperative. The trustees or staff shall not make these records available to any agency of the state, federal or local government without a subpoena or court order and the approval of the library director.

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