C Maintenance Responsibility (Revised 12-10-12)

1. The Board of Trustees of Cook Memorial Library will be responsible for establishing guidelines for the maintenance of Cook Memorial Library, including the property relating to it. These will include weekly, annual and long-range guidelines. A Building and Grounds committee, comprised of members of the board, will be appointed, and will oversee the implementation of this policy; the chairman of the committee will report to the board at its regular monthly meeting.

2. Sufficient funds for operating expenses and for upkeep and repair of the building and grounds will be provided in the library’s annual budget, including weekly housekeeping duties of the custodian, as well as regular/seasonal duties such as snow removal, lawn mowing, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. A long range maintenance plan, updated each year,, detailing and describing the weekly duties of the custodian, is the responsibility of the board, and is included in the CIP (Capital Improvement Plan) for the Town of Tamworth. The library director will see that these the weekly duties of the custodian are performed as scheduled.

4. The library director and the chair of the Building & Grounds Committee will prepare an Annual Monitoring Report to LCHIP (Land and Community Heritage Investment Program), per the terms of the Stewardship Agreement.

5. The Cook Memorial Library building will be located on grounds that are well drained and maintained. The building will be properly ventilated and provided with adequate electricity and an adequate supply of water for both drinking and toilet facilities.

6. The library building will have adequate and approved systems, according to applicable health and safety codes. Such systems will include sewage disposal, plumbing, heating, lighting, ventilation, and elevator. In addition, all library facilities available for use by the public will be maintained in accordance with N.H. state regulations, and comply with A.D.A. (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards.

7. There will be an annual inspection of emergency warning and alarm systems, fire extinguishers, exit lights, etc., in accordance with the N.H. health & safety code, and in conjunction with Disaster Plan updates.

8. Landscape beautification by volunteers may take place on library premises with approval of the board, and with notification to, and coordination with, the library director.

9. The library building will be secured by a functioning security system, with keys and access codes being held only by current CML board and members, staff, authorized monthly meeting room users, Tamworth police and fire departments and other responsible and individuals as determined by the library director. The library director will make an annual accounting of all keys and codes.

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