B. Health & Safety Requirements (Revised 12-10-12)

1. The Board of Trustees of Cook Memorial Library will be responsible for providing and maintaining the library premises in a safe and sanitary condition. The board will require the library staff and volunteers to follow safety procedures according to applicable N.H. Health and Safety Codes.

2. The practice of safety will include the CML Disaster Preparedness Plan (see policy), which is updated each year by the library director. The current building’s safety plan will be on file in the office of the library director, as well as in the Tamworth Town Office. The library director will be responsible for the implementation of the plan and supervision of the steps and strategies involved.

3. All work places and public facility areas, passageways, storerooms and service rooms will be kept clean and in a sanitary manner. A regular cleaning schedule will be set up for the custodian, and will be the responsibility of the library director to oversee. Trash will be disposed of on a regular schedule and in such a manner as to maintain good sanitary conditions.

4. All passageways, exits, and the way of approach and travel from exits will be maintained so that they are unobstructed and are accessible at all times. Emergency warning systems, fire extinguishers, and exit lights will be in place and maintained. There will be a yearly inspection of each, in accordance with N.H. Health and Safety Codes, and in conjunction with Disaster Plan updates.

5. Adequate illumination and ventilation will be provided and distributed to all areas during open hours of the library. Hazardous, combustible or otherwise dangerous materials, including cleaning materials, will be stored in a locked storage area. All storage areas will be kept free from the accumulation of materials that constitute hazards from tripping, fires or explosions, or might harbor pests.

6. Each employee and volunteer will comply with all safety rules, regulations, and policies of CML, for the avoidance of unsafe conditions, and to control or eliminate any hazards or other exposure to injury or illness, for personal and public safety.

7. The library director will be responsible for the supervision of a safety program for the library. General areas of emphasis will include, but not be limited to: in-service training; building inspection; accident record keeping; fire prevention; security/alarm system training; catastrophe planning; and emergency procedures relative to employees, patrons, and the community.

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