Section V: Management of Building and Grounds
D. Stewardship Policy and Procedures (Adopted 2/13/12)

1. As elected officials of the town of Tamworth, the Cook Memorial Library trustees recognize their role as stewards of the town library and its assets. They are accountable for the library’s finances. They recognize that the role of steward has many responsibilities: to provide library services to patrons, to adapt those services to meet the changing needs of library users, to foster collaboration with other libraries and organizations in both public and private partnerships to enhance services, and to provide for long-range planning concerning the facilities and programs offered. The goal of the trustees is to efficiently use all library resources whether they are people, time, assets, talents or funds.

2. The Cook Memorial Library is a registered historical building. The trustees see the preservation of this building, including its maintenance and security, as one of its primary responsibilities. They also recognize this library’s role in preserving archival materials that document the history of Tamworth. The trustees will cooperate with town officials to create a Capital Improvement Plan that is updated annually for the preservation of the library building and grounds.

3. The trustees will abide by federal laws, the laws of the State of New Hampshire, the laws and ordinances of the town of Tamworth, and the guidelines of the New Hampshire State Library.

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