Section III A. Collection Development and Maintenance (Revised 6/9/14)
1. The Library Director will select and purchase, with reference to book reviews and library sources, printed and non-printed materials which are of permanent and current value to the Library and which best meet the community’s interests and needs. In developing the Library’s collection, the Library Director will maintain a balance of materials for adults, young adults, and children. All collections are subject to an ongoing review, and selection/de-selection process.

2. The Library Director and staff are responsible for the withdrawal and disposal of materials that are no longer of value to the library collection. These materials will be systematically weeded from the collection according to accepted professional practices, and will be sold, distributed to other institutions, or destroyed.

3. The library will provide electronic access to information resources for both research and entertainment.

4. The library will provide access to other NH libraries’ collections through inter-library loans (ILLs)and Koha transfers.

5. Printed and non-printed materials will be accepted as donations only on the condition that the library has the authority to make whatever disposition of such materials it deems suitable. Memorial books may be accepted under these conditions, but may or may not be kept together in a special collection.

6. The Library Director may accept, for a specified period of time, special collections of books or other materials for display and/or in-library use. The library will not be held legally responsible for the safeguarding of such collections, i.e., not held liable for damage or theft. (See policy of Gifts and Loans in Section IV C3)

7. In no case will any book or material be excluded from the library collection because of the race, nationality, or personal views of the writer.

8. In the event that a patron complains or objects to material available in the library, the Library Director will take the following steps:

a. Listen courteously to the patron’s complaint.
b. Have the complainant complete and sign the form “Request for the Reconsideration of Library Materials” (Appendix).
c. Submit the completed form to the Board, at its next regularly scheduled meeting, along with a complete explanation.
d. The Board will present its decision at its next monthly meeting, and the patron will receive a written explanation of that decision.

9. The Board supports the American Library Association’s “Library Bill of Rights” (see Appendix) and “Freedom to Read” statements (see Appendix ).
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