B. The Ulitz Genealogy and History Center (Revised 6/9/14)

1. Mission Statement
The mission of the Ulitz Genealogy and History (G&H) Center (“the Center”) of the Cook Memorial Library is to collect, organize and preserve materials for the study, research and interpretation of the town of Tamworth and its inhabitants, from its earliest settlement until the present, and to provide basic tools and assistance to individuals researching local and family history.

2. Governance
The Center will be overseen by the library director and the G&H librarian in consultation with the board chair.

3. Collection Description
Collected materials may include books, family genealogy records , photographs, diaries, letters, voting lists, town and school reports, local vital statistics, maps, artwork, artifacts, cemetery records, records of community groups, pamphlets, and other materials relevant to the town of Tamworth. The collection may also include audiotapes, videotapes, slides, digital images and other non-print materials.

4. Alliances
The Center develops its collection in cooperation with the Tamworth Historical Society, The Remick Country Doctor Museum and Farm, the Chocorua Public Library, Tamworth town selectmen, the NH Historical Society, New Hampshire State Library and other groups with a similar mission, and encourages donations of any memorabilia which relate in a meaningful way to the history of Tamworth and surrounding areas.

5. Ulitz Genealogy and History Center Gifts and Loans Policy
The acceptance of gifts or loans is subject to the approval of the trustees. Consideration will be given to the appropriateness of the material, and the ability of the Center to preserve, store and exhibit such material in a safe and efficient manner, without negatively impacting library resources, and while ensuring access by interested persons. All gifts will become the property of Cook Memorial Library, without restrictions as to future disposition. Loans require a separate contract. (See also Gifts & Loans Policy, Section IV)

6. Use of the Facility
The center consists of the Ulitz Room and the Archive Room. Local history collections and certain other items are housed in the Ulitz Room and are accessible during the library’s open hours. Some of these items are circulating collections. The public may use materials in the Archive Room only when a staff member or G&H volunteer is present. Materials in the Archive Room do not circulate. The Archive Room will be kept locked except when in use. The Ulitz Room may be used by library and community groups for small meetings.

7. Borrowing Materials
Materials may be borrowed from the non-circulating G&H collection only with permission of the library director or the G&H librarian.

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