Section III

E. Overdue Library Materials (Revised 3/9/2015)

  1. Cook Memorial Library does not charge fines for overdue library materials. Patrons returning overdue items are encouraged to donate to the “Conscience Jar” on the circulation desk.
  2. When a book or other item of library material is two weeks overdue, the patron receives an email or phone call reminding him or her to return it. If the overdue item is not returned within one additional week, the patron receives a second phone call or email. A blocking message may be placed on the patron’s record on the library computer to alert the staff that the patron has overdue items.
  3. If the item is still not returned in four weeks, a written notice is sent to the patron by mail, indicating the titles and replacement prices of the overdue materials and stating “One or more of the above items are overdue by more than two weeks. Borrowing privileges will be suspended if these are not returned within the next week.” This letter is signed by a staff member.
  4. A second and final notice, with a copy of the NH statute pertinent to library materials, is mailed at six weeks.
  5. If a patron does not respond to these four actions, his or her library privileges are revoked until the materials are returned, or payment made if they are lost. The Library Director may request that a Tamworth police officer hand-deliver a written notice to the delinquent patron’s home as a last resort.

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