G. Technology (Revised 5/13/13)
1. The library’s computing resources are to be used to advance the library’s mission.
2. All software used at Cook Memorial Library must be new selections purchased by the library staff. Gifts of software will be accepted only if still shrink-wrapped and approved by the Technology Committee.
3. All use of computers is at the discretion of the library staff. Patrons must register at the circulation desk to use a computer, except the on-line public access catalog (OPAC).
4. Use of the OPAC computer will be on a first come, first served basis. No reservations will be taken.
5. There is no fee for use of the computers, but there is a 15 cents/page charge for printing.
6. There is a 15 cents/page change for making copies on the copy machine.
7. Patrons may not store their data on any library computer.
8. The computer resources throughout the library are provided equally to all patrons. Parents are responsible for the activities of their children at the library; the library does not act “in loco parentis.” It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to guide their children’s reading and computer use.
9. The library is not responsible for the loss of personal data or damage to personal property.
10. The library computers may be used for in-library word-processing. No data can be stored on library computers, but CDs are available for a nominal charge.
11. Patrons may use the library telephones for local calls, with permission. There is a 50 cents/page for use of the fax machine.
12. See Internet Policy for additional policies on computer use.

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