Here at the library, we’re going to continue summer activities in a low key, August kind of way. Is it time to do some deep reading to explore a topic from multiple angles? Do you want some family read-aloud suggestions? Are you looking to binge-read your way through a series? Does your child or grandchild need some fresh new titles? Are you missing summer travel? Our library staff can help connect you to books, authors, series, places, and more. We’d like to encourage everyone to find a buddy to learn with, read with, talk about books with. We’d especially like to encourage you to buddy up with a child and read.

A few suggestions for August: 

  • Deep reading: Our library has a good collection of books on racism and the systems that perpetuate it. Read several to prepare for our study of the book Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad beginning in the fall.
  • Binge reading: One Book One Valley won’t be happening this fall, but we’re happy to announce that Paul Doiron, who was to be our 2020 author, has agreed to come next year. If you haven’t read his mystery series featuring Maine Game Warden Mike Bowditch, you’ve got a whole year to read the entire 11-book series before the October 2021 event. 
  • Reading with kids: We’ve had a number of requests from adults for books for kids. Many ask for series and characters they remember reading as kids. Nostalgia is fun to share, but if your child is ready for something fresh, we can suggest some new titles with great characters. 
  • Reading and writing about traveling: Our summer virtual American Road Trip series wraps up in August. We have a bunch of road trip books to lend, and also encourage everyone to write about an American Road Trip, one that you went on, or the one you would have liked to have taken this summer. Share your writing, find book lists, and join the conversation on our American Road Trip blog,

Our Summer Story continues! This summer we’ve had fun seeing and sharing photos, sketches, and videos made by community members. If you made a photo, sketch, or “do you know” video during this pandemic time that you’d like to share with Tamworth, and that would become part of our library’s digital archive, send them our way. For details: