Sharing the stories that connect us

The Chocorua and Cook libraries, with the Tamworth History Center are collaborating on a venture to record and preserve our stories. We encourage people to tell personal stories that embrace a span of time, a spectrum of memories. Long stories, short stories; funny, sad, stories; moments that were memorable, happenings that are sketchily or clearly recalled, times that are ready to be told about, perhaps dark dusty corners brought back to life.

We have digital recording equipment available at the Cook Memorial Library. You can come to us, at the libraries, or we can come to you, in your home or camp or pickup truck!

By recording stories people want to tell, we hope to create an oral tapestry of the town, rich in detail. Our story.

We also hope to create a Story Path. A map will be drawn showing locations throughout Tamworth, where collected stories can be listened to and read. The material will be digitally preserved and filed for easy access. Readings-aloud of some of the stories may be planned.

Please let us know if you would like to volunteer! Do you have a story or two to tell? Would you like to be trained to help with interviewing, running the recording equipment, or transcribing? Please contact Mary Cronin at 323-8510, Marion Posner at 323-8610, or Kate Thompson at 323-7762.

Our stories