Library of Congress Photos on Flickr

Recently I stumbled across this article in Library Journal (3/1/08) The Library of Congress (LC) has joined photo-sharing site Flickr to make available 3000 photos for which no copyright restrictions are known to exist, even though the library doesn’t own

Web 2.0 and Libraries

The Friends of the Library are having their annual meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 26th. Lichen and Jay Rancourt will talk about social software, Web 2.0 and libraries. Here’s a sample of the websites we’ll visit: Quicker than

Welcome, a Second Time

The following is a press release for local papers. I thought it would be helpful to published the unedited (with links intact) version here. Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth, NH has been chosen to be the beta test for a

YouTube is for Amateurs

YouTube presents podcasts by you and I, regular people, to the world. Yesterday I watched a doozy that made me question just exactly what it is I mean when I use terms like “regular people” or “normal people” or “amateurs.”