When made available by presenters, we will post videos, handouts and slideshows from past programs here.

Find more videos on Cook Memorial Library’s YouTube channel

September 13, 2017: Dementia Prevention: A Call to Action by Benedict Joseph Semmes, MD (PDF of PowerPoint presentation)

October 4, 2017: Climate Ready Boston by John Cleveland (PDF of PowerPoint presentation)

May 26, 2020: Have You Ever Seen a Turtle Zoom? a talk by Lynne Flaccus of the Chocorua Lake Conservancy (YouTube video)

June 10, 2020: Protecting Our Lakes from Invasive Aquatic Species, a talk by Amy Smagula from the NH Department of Environmental Services sponsored by the Chocorua Lake Conservancy (YouTube video)

July 22, 2020: Bat Conservation: Ecology, Threats, and What You Can Do, a talk by bat biologist Kyle Shute, sponsored by the Chocorua Lake Conservancy (YouTube video)

July 27, 2020: Poetry Hour audio recordings of poems by Priscilla Burlingham and Peggy Johnson (MP3 audio recordings)

September 9, 2020: Alice Posner, Herbs for Resilence (MP3 audio recording)