When available, we will post videos, handouts and slideshows from past programs here.

Find more videos on Cook Memorial Library’s YouTube channel

September 13, 2017: Dementia Prevention: A Call to Action by Benedict Joseph Semmes, MD (PDF of PowerPoint presentation)

October 4, 2017: Climate Ready Boston by John Cleveland (PDF of PowerPoint presentation)

May 26, 2020: Have You Ever Seen a Turtle Zoom? a talk by Lynne Flaccus of the Chocorua Lake Conservancy (YouTube video)

June 10, 2020: Protecting Our Lakes from Invasive Aquatic Species, a talk by Amy Smagula from the NH Department of Environmental Services sponsored by the Chocorua Lake Conservancy (YouTube video)

July 22, 2020: Bat Conservation: Ecology, Threats, and What You Can Do, a talk by bat biologist Kyle Shute, sponsored by the Chocorua Lake Conservancy (YouTube video)

July 27, 2020: Poetry Hour audio recordings of poems by Priscilla Burlingham and Peggy Johnson (MP3 audio recordings)

September 9, 2020: Alice Posner, Herbs for Resilence (MP3 audio recording)

October 7, 2020: NH Saves Button Up Tamworth home energy workshop (PDF of Powerpoint presentation)

October 28, 2020: How Fresh Water Shaped New Hampshire, a NH Humanities program presented by Jim Rousmaniere (YouTube video)

November 10, 2020: GET WET Drinking Water Workshop, presented by Tara Schroeder of Green Mountain Conservation Group (Zoom recording, may only be available temporarily) Passcode is [email protected]+74

November 18, 2020: Winter Trees in Your Forest, a video tree identification workshop with Chocorua Lake Conservancy Stewardship Director and naturalist Lynne Flaccus (YouTube video)

December 2, 2020: Hiking with Ed Parsons (YouTube video)

January 6, 2021: Face to Face: Willie Farnum, The Role of a Selectman (YouTube video)

January 13, 2021: Face to Face: Jim Diamond, Night Time Photo Shoot (YouTube video)

January 20, 2021: Face to Face: Stories of The Other Store with Willa Canfield and Katy Thompson (YouTube video)

January 27, 2021: Face to Face: Yoga: Stress Buster and Immunity Booster with Katie O’Connell (YouTube video)

January 29, 2021: Home Composting: The Basics presented by Paige Wilson of the Lakes Region Planning Commission, cosponsored by Tamworth Recycling Project and Cook Memorial Library (Google Drive folder with videorecording and handouts)

February 10, 2021: Face to Face: Feeding Body & Soul: Cooking for a Community with Lianne Prentice (YouTube video)

February 16, 2021: Owls by Zoom: All About NH Owls, cohosted and presented by Chocorua Lake Conservancy (YouTube video)

February 17, 2021: Face to Face: Sublime Solos: the North Country Cohos Trail with Amy Berrier (YouTube video)

February 24, 2021: Reviving the American Cooperage Industry in New England (YouTube video)

March 10, 2021: Face to Face: Carroll County Adult Education: A Pathway to a Career with Crystal Sawyer (YouTube video)

March 17, 2021: Wonders of Vernal Pools, cohosted and presented by Chocorua Lake Conservancy (YouTube video)

March 24, 2021: History of the Canoe in North America, presented by Geoffrey Burke (YouTube video)

March 31, 2021: Face to Face: Betsy Loughran on Letters from the Attic (YouTube video)

April 21, 2021: Pests in the Garden, presented by UNHCE Entomologist Anna Wallingford (YouTube video)

April 28, 2021: Native Pollinators, Habitat, and NRCS Programs with Debra Marnich, Soil Scientist for the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, cohosted with Chocorua Lake Conservancy (YouTube video)

May 19, 2021: Providing Backyard Habitat for Your Wild Neighbors, cohosted and presented by Chocorua Lake Conservancy (YouTube video)

May 21, 2021: Home Composting: Part Two presented by Paige Wilson of the Lakes Region Planning Commission, cosponsored by Tamworth and Sandwich Recycling Projects and Cook Memorial Library (YouTube video)

May 26, 2021: Landscaping with Native Plants presented by Carol Jowdy (YouTube video)

July 20, 2021: Insects for Beginners presented by Linda Graetz, cosponsored with Chocorua Lake Conservancy (link to resource list)

November 30, 2021: Rewilding Our Vocabulary, a talk by Marion Posner about the November-December 2021 exhibit at the library of the same name

January 5, 2022: Face to Face: Bearcamp Bikes with Eric Dube and Ned Beecher (Youtube video)

January 12, 2022: Face to Face: Tamworth Farmers’ Market with Bob Streeter and Peg Loughran (Youtube video)

January 19, 2022: Face to Face: In Search of Tamworth’s Ancient Roads with David Little and Friends (Youtube video)

January 26, 2022: Face to Face: Cold Water Dipping with Annie Provenzano & Polly Mahoney & Friends (Youtube video)

February 2, 2022: Face to Face: Tamworth Outing Club: past, present, & future with Amy Berrier & Friends (Youtube video)

February 9, 2022: Face to Face: A Reading: from her latest novel & on self-publishing with Fiona Howell (Youtube video)

February 16, 2022: Face to Face Extra: Cook Memorial Library’s Online Library with Mary Cronin (Youtube video)

February 23, 2022: Face to Face: Transfer Station Improvement Committee with Willie Farnum & Gabrielle Watson (Youtube video)

June 14, 2022: Local History Collection Update and Tour with Adam Way (Youtube video)

September 14, 2022: Options for Home Energy Suppliers (Youtube video)

September 28, 2022: Groundwater Resources in Tamworth: Sources and Protection (Youtube video)

October 5, 2022: Night of Living in Recovery (One Book One Valley program) (Facebook Live recording)

November 16, 2022: New Hampshire, New Normal with Dr. Mary Stampone, NH State Climatologist (webpage with Youtube video and resources mentioned)