Our 2020 Summer Reading Program will be a lot different than other years. We invite people in our community of all ages to join us for a variety of at-home activities and experiences that we can share with each other while keeping the physical distance required by the current pandemic.

The nationwide theme for 2020 library summer reading programs is “Imagine Your Story.” Cook Library invites Tamworth folks of all ages to “Imagine OUR Story.”  Come join us, it will be a fun journey.

Program begins on July 6, and runs for 4 weeks.

Read on to see how our summer unfolds!


Hey Tamworth,

It’s your library. We’re all experiencing a different kind of summer this year! As we’re individually figuring out how to live during these unusual times, you might say that we’re each writing our own story, and as a town, we’re also writing a collective story about Tamworth’s 2020 summer.

To help us weave together our stories during this unique season, we’ve redesigned our library summer reading program to be a town-wide, at-home, summer camp of sorts. This is for all of us, no matter what our age. We’ve planned out four weeks of fun, activity and connection.

Each week in July will be a different themed chapter of this summer’s story:

  • Chapter 1-Get Moving (July 6-12)
  • Chapter 2-Splash in lakes and Rivers (July 13-19)
  • Chapter 3-Our Plants and Animals (July 20-26)
  • Chapter 4-Celebrate Tamworth (July 27-Aug 2)

During each week, you’ll be invited to participate in a variety of activities.

Information about all the activities will be shared via: tamworthlibrary.org, The Tamworth Exchange, Facebook, Instagram and at the library.

There you’ll find:

  • links to quick “Do-You-Know?” videos made by your neighbors
  • Information and inspiration to help you jump right into community-wide creative projects
  • Zoom story time invitations and a recap of the play each week
  • Invitations to create weekly sketches which will become a virtual archive

This is a way for all of us to be together this summer. Be watching for info about Chapter one!

WEEK ONE: Get Moving!

July 6-12, 2020

This week we’re encouraging everyone in Tamworth to move your body in new ways.

Obstacle course

We recommend creating an obstacle course for kids or adults! We’re setting one up at the library. Come try it out beginning Tuesday.

Create your own at-home version:

Here’s a video example and some helpful hints for creating your own course. 

While you are rummaging around for things to jump over and crawl under, you might find some inspiration to create your own Rube Goldberg machine!

Spread kindness while you hike:

Get out for a walk or hike and spread some love to your community members in true 2020 style with kindness rocks! We made some to share right outside the library and also feel free to take some blanks to finish at home. Learn about how to make your own here!

Do You Know videos:

Cook Library encourages you to “Get Moving” in some new ways and to some new places this week. Here’s a bit of encouragement from your neighbors via quick “Do-You-Know” videos:

And don’t forget to come on down and move through the library’s new obstacle course!

WEEK Two: Splash in Lakes and Rivers

July 13-19, 2020

This week Cook Library is encouraging Tamworth to explore some of our local bodies of water, or just turn on the hose to cool down! We invite our town to join together this week to build stone cairns. 

Head to the shores of the Swift or Bearcamp River, White or Chocorua Lake or any other pond or stream. Grab some stones and begin to build! Polly shows you how here.

You can also stop by the library to show off your balancing prowess. We’ve got a pile of rocks just waiting for you!

Do-You-Know? videos

This week you’ll learn about our aquatic friends and how to paint with water!

Come to the library and make a cairn, it will be fun to see new ones added throughout the week!

Bonus Activity: Sketches of summer

WEEK Three: Our Plants and Animals

July 20-26, 2020

Jump right into this week’s theme with our community-wide creativity project: making a nature mandala. A mandala is circularly shaped design which occurs throughout the natural world and has been created by humans since the 1st century BC. Used in art, architecture and many religious and spiritual traditions, mandalas can represent connection and wholeness. And they’re also really fun to make! 

You need only whatever is readily available which could be anything from natural materials to food, toys, hardware, etc.! Here’s one quickly made with backyard materials.   

We encourage you to create one in your own backyard. Outside the library this week you’ll also find all kinds of supplies to create mandalas. Stop by, grab some chalk, stones, leaves, etc., and leave your own mark for your neighbors to enjoy. 

This week’s “Do-You-Know?” videos made by our neighbors:

Week Four: Celebrate Tamworth!

This week Cook Library wraps up our town-wide, at-home summer camp for all ages and we invite you all to come together to Celebrate Tamworth!

We’ve got some fun challenges for you this week:

  • Come on down to the village and go on a scavenger hunt! You can print out your own list of clues or borrow a laminated copy outside the library. Everything can be seen while walking along the Main Street from the Four Corners to the Town House.
  • How are you with your Tamworth trivia?  Pick up a copy of our trivia questions under the library tent, or take the Tamworth trivia challenge online. Trivia questions were compiled by Amy and Wyatt Berrier. You have until Aug 8th to submit your answers online and we’ll announce the winners on August 10th. We’ve got some fun prizes!

Promote what you love about our town by flying your own homemade flag:

  1. Come by the library and pick up a blank flag under the tent outside.
  2. Decorate your flags with drawings or words about your favorite natural places, events, buildings, memories, anything Tamworth!
  3. Fly the flag outside your home

We’re working on our own flag at the library and we want you to contribute to it. You’ll find it on the table outside the library, ready for your drawings, words and ideas.

Watch this week’s “Do You Know?” community-made videos:

Take an historical cemetery tour:

New Hampshire Cemeteries and Graveyards, Saturday, August 1, 2:00 p.m. at the Riverside Cemetery on Whittier Road. A grant from NH Humanities brings this to Tamworth. For details: https://tamworthlibrary.org/2020/07/new-hampshire-cemeteries-and-graveyards-at-riverside-cemetery/.

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